Parish Nurse Ministry

The Parish Nurse is a visible symbol of the healing that embraces the whole person – body, mind and spirit. As qualified, health care professionals, parish nurses enhance the stewardship of life and health via education and counseling.

Parish Nurses are…

  • Health Educators - As health educators, parish nurses teach individuals responsible self-care pertaining to physical, spiritual and emotional health. This is achieved through a variety of methods which may include individual appointments, classes, group discussions, articles, posters, and health promotional materials.

  • Health Counselors - As a personal health counselor, the parish nurse provides presence and prayer to aid people in making informed decisions about their health care. Assessments, screenings, and referrals may be provided.

  • Referral Sources - The parish nurse acts as liaison for parishioners wanting or needing community support services and/or the professional services of parishioner volunteers within the parish nurse ministry.

  • Facilitators - As a facilitator, the parish nurse develops support groups as interests and needs evolve.

Services - In all cases, client confidentiality is always maintained.

  • Brochures on a variety of health topics

  • Bulletin board

  • Group classes and discussions

  • Blood pressure screenings

  • Personal consultations and/ or conversations

Joining the Parish Nurse Ministry

If you believe your professional services or your lay gifts and talents would be valuable to this ministry, please contact the parish nurses at 585-2967.



Contact us:

757-585-2967 or email Kathy