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Spirituality Series:

Theology at the Eucharistic Table

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Spirituality Series:

Remedies of God - Part 1


Spirituality Series:

Going Deeper in the Spiritual Life

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Spirituality Series:

Spiritual Reading 

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Spirituality Series: 

Spirituality Series: 
Spiritual Friendship 

Spirituality Series:
Spiritual Maturity 

Spirituality Series:

Nuptial Spirituality of Amoris Laetitia

Spirituality Series:

Hidden Enemies of the Spiritual Life, Part 1

Spirituality Series:

Hidden Enemies of the Spiritual Life, Part 2

Spirituality Series:

The Remedies of God for the Dangers of the Seven Deadly Sins; Faith, Hope and Charity

Year of Mercy Works of Mercy Videos 


Visit the Sick 

JOY Ministers and Legion of Mary share their experience visiting the sick.

Clothe the Naked

Learn about how Saint Bede Outreach Center and the Knitting Ministry serve to "clothe the naked".

Clothe the Naked Part 2

Learn about how the HOPE Pregnacy Care Center "clothes the naked."

Admonish the Sinner and Forgive All Injuries 

The clergy of Saint Bede share about God's mercy through Reconciliation. 

Counsel the Doubtful 

Parishioners of Saint Bede share about their experience with RCIA.

Feed the Hungry

Learn more about the Saint Bede Food Pantry.

Instruct the Ignorant 

Learn about faith formation at Saint Bede. 




Homily Series:



Monsignor Keeney explains about the new homily series initiative at Saint Bede and the purpose of the current "Building" homily series.


Monsignor Keeney explains about the new 180 homily series for the Easter season. 


Weekly Homilies: Enduring In Faith


Part 1

Monsignor Keeney begins the Enduring in Faith homily series on Hebrews. 

Part 2

Monsignor Keeney continues the "Enduring in Faith" series preaching about the remedies that the letter of Hebrew offers for the sin of sloth.


Looking for the previous homily series? Go to our page for past homily series


Encounters with Christ: Parishioner Stories of Faith 


Parishioners share their work in the Outreach Center 


Parishioners share their experience in small faith groups; Bible studies, Youth Ministry and Children's Faith Formation 


Parishioners share their involvement in the liturgical ministries that support our worship