Spiritual Program for All Returning Catholics

Filmed and produced right here at Saint Bede Catholic Church, “SPARCS is a dynamic and accessible study designed to help people understand the Catholic faith. This series of brief sessions explores the Mass, Vatican II, and Reconciliation; gives an in-depth view of the Church’s process of marriage, divorce, and annulment; and provides first-hand accounts from newly returned Catholics. Showing the depth of God’s abundant mercy, SPARCS invites you to develop an integrated relationship with Christ.”


Monsignor Michael McCarron (pastor of our parish from 2010-2013) and Deacon Dominic Cerrato provide exciting and enriching instruction in more than 3 hours of video.





For just a one-time fee of $14.95, subscribers can purchase an unlimited subscription to access the sessions at any time from any electronic device. The program also includes printable discussion questions. To subscribe, go to

For More Information on SPARCS:

Please contact project manager, Larry Fronheiser or call 757-871-1220. 

For more information:

Are you interested in returning to the Catholic Church or joining for the first time? Contact Michelle Tomshack (757-229-3631 x 2309) our director of evangelization, for information about finding your home at Saint Bede Catholic Church.