Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Making gifts of appreciated assets is a simple and tax-efficient way for you to support the mission of the Catholic Church. You can use the power of leverage and transfer a stock or mutual fund that has a low cost basis and receive a potential charitable deduction for the current market value of your donation. Saint Bede Catholic Church or the Diocese of Richmond, as a tax-exempt charity, will immediately sell the stock with no capital gains tax consequences.  Your 'out of pocket' is limited to what you originally paid for the asset, yet you receive a charitable deduction for the mean between the high and the low of the stock on the date of your gift. Using this technique, you may be able to make a significant gift for pennies on the dollar. You can also make your pledge payments to Living Our Mission using appreciated securities. 


When planning to make a gift to Saint Bede Catholic Church or Living Our Mission using stocks or other securities, be certain to consult with your accountant, financial advisor, financial planner, and/or tax attorney. Your professionals will be able to give you the best advice on matters such as leveraging your gift by using appreciated assets while eliminating capital gains taxes and potential income tax savings that may result from your charitable gift. 

For more information, contact Director of Development, Harold D. "Sam" Samorian Jr., at 757-229-3631 ext. 2315 or via email.




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