St. Bede Retreat Ministry

Discover Anew the Love
God Has for You in Christ Jesus


  • Do you want to develop a deeper personal relationship with our Lord?

  • Do you want to learn more about your Catholic Faith?

  • Do want to expand your prayer life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please visit this website again in the near future when the site is completed.


Saint Bede Retreat Ministry seeks to assist fellow Catholics and seekers in reconnecting with God on a deeper personal level.


 A retreat is a spiritual gift allowing us to focus on what is truly important in our lives by:

  • temporarily getting away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives,

  • seeing God through others’ eyes,

  • replenishing our spiritual reserve so that we may “go out and serve”,

  • connecting with friends and fellow parishioners in sharing spiritual support, and

  • bringing about a renewal of our faith, hope and love.

 A schedule of upcoming Parish retreats is being developed based upon the input received from the recent parish Retreat Survey. 


FREE Road Trip!

Journey of Prayer

A Retreat/Day of Reflection

Saturday, January 25,

More Hall from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Be guided on our Journey of Prayer being created just for YOU

We’re going on an innermost road trip, won’t you come along? We’ll begin with a look at our means of transport, prayer. We’ll pack for the journey and discover what we need to take along…or not. We’ll pick a very special road.


Looking ahead, we discover there are hidden sights along the way absolutely not to be missed as we seek to merge ahead towards the Horizon of God. Of course, we’ll take a few rest stops on our itinerary, to absorb the scenery, to be refreshed, and to eat a Banquet at our mid-afternoon Liturgy (not a Sunday Mass).


Wouldn’t you like to know more of what prayer is and what it can become? There is more you know, some “spiritual direction” to recognize the kinds of prayer God may be calling you to. What’s the purpose of prayer? Are you stuck? What helps? What happens in prayer? What does the “call to holiness” have to do with prayer? What’s the destination? And more.


We’ll have several tour guides: Genevieve McQuade will present most of the talks, along with Sasha Eckstein and Betty Smykowski.

Bring your Bible if you wish, but it’s not essential.

  • Free lunch will be served.

  • Seating is limited. Sign up soon.

  • Presented by the St. Bede Retreat Ministry        

  • Reservations: OR call David Barr: (724) 624-9091

  • Questions? Call Gen McQuade: 741-2127